Sound Localization trials

Concerning speech recognition and audio detection test, the work is in progress.

The current test solutions are :

  • Concerning the sound localization, an ad hoc microphone system based on 8 MEMS MP34DT01,
    2 shields X-NUCLEO-CCA02M1 and 2 STM32F401RE have been designed and is used with hark sound framework.
  • For the high quality sound recording we used a ORTF solution based on 2 Shure PGA81 microphone an ART Dual Pre USB for analogic to digital conversion and a Rode Stereo Bar SB20 for the ORTF positionning.
  • For the Speech to text, different solutions are under comparison including, sphinx, julius and the vocon sdk from Nuance.
  • Concerning the text analysis for questions/answers phases and the command analysis, we develop solutions based on nltk python library.
  • The choice of the Speech to Text is not define at this time.

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