Concerning the research project. Jacques Saraydaryan and Fabrice Jumel are associate members of the Chroma team, (leads by Olivier Simonin) in the CITI INRIA Lab. They work on management of fleet of robots in crowd environment. A general framework called « robots waiters problem » have been do ne where a fleet of robots have to distribute services (could be an interaction, delivery of an object as food or drink) to a crowd in a fair way.

Robocup@home is for us an opportunity to work on real robot with unlimited case of interaction between the fleet of robot and people.

  • J. Saraydaryan,  F. Jumel, O. Simonin, Robots Delivering Services to Moving People : Individual vs. Group Patrolling Strategies, ARSO 2015.

Additional collaboration has been established with the INL lab , biomedical sensor team. The goal of the collaboration is how improving desease detection with the help of sensors and robotic information. Current works are focus on building a living lab acting as a robot exoskeleton in order to measure relevant human activities.

Moreover, in our previous work, we propose an architecture of service which acts as a hub of robots, sensors and actuators services . With the heterogeneous communication and service composition in mind, we introduced and developped a middleware allowing service discovery and composition.

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